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  1. will this work? i can get a new 260 chrome front bumper for $50 us and its still in the wrapper!!!! good deal? will it fit my 72 240z? thanks please respond, cause i have 6 hours to decide.. zcarsrock Tony
  2. i'm going to Bosnia for 6 months and will be saving my money to buy either a new 350z or a restored 240z. Please send a picture of you car to me at hwk60@yahoo.com Thanks Tony Zcarsrock!!!!
  3. My Z is my daily driver and i live in north central Kansas. I will store if for some of this winter, but only because i have to go to Bosnia for 6 months. But when i get back, and its winter, me and my Z will be out there dealing with the issues of weather and salt. I like the tips on storage though, and i'll use them:) Zcarsrock!
  4. I agree with OwenK, this dawg dont by nuthin new!!! . Anyway i also agree with the fellow that said the nose is to short, and the arse end to fat for a Z. The dash layout is about the only sad little memory of a true Z car. I expect like the Ford Mustang the Z car will undergoe a few redesigns and ultimately will finally get it right like Ford with there kool retro T Bird. But at what cost? 45grand! HAAAAAA. Like owenK says, not for this dawg!!!! $.02 U.S. currency.
  5. does anyone know what the procedure is to use that big spring? i imagine its to keep the window rolled up? but how to install properly? Thanks Tony
  6. and probably 100 dollars. I've decided all I really need is some bondo and paint, and a dent hammer. Also i'll just try to find the manual windo regulator mechanism at the junkyard. Or i wonder if MotorSports catalog sells this item? My wife thru away my MSA mag.... Hey do you think the manual windows on the 280z will work in my 240? Tony
  7. I can get a great driver door at the junk yard for $80.00. The thing is i dont know if it will bolt into my 72 240z. Please, does anyone know? My driver door is all dented and rusty and the window wont roll up or down anymore. The junkyard door looks and works great. Thanks
  8. ZcarsRock


    nice seats, were they refinished?
  9. ZcarsRock


    fun with masking tape and vinyl paint:)
  10. Hi, wondering if you sold your 72 z yet. If not i am definately interested!. Please reply to my email or post here. I have a Sister in Oregon and she would pick it up for me. I currently have a 72 240z with a perfect frame but bent body. hwk60@yahoo.com Thanks Tony
  11. Here is what happend to me. My friend and i are driving home from drill along an open stretch of Old 40. He has a 2002 Mustang and i'm in my Z of course. We are just kind of cruising, and i'm behind him. He opens up his car, so i attempt to keep up. I notice as i accelerate the car is smooth till about 4800 to 5000 rpms. Then it happens!!!! Same accelarator position and the tach goes back down to about 4600rpms. I floor it and the rpm slowly climbs to about 5300rpms and wont go beyond this. What is my likely problem? Vacuum leak? bad Gasket? improperly set carbs? I have to large r
  12. ITs toast!!! I looked underneath and the cable is broke at the right rear axle. Also noticed thereis nothing attached to the left rear wheel in the way of a cable/pin etc. Kinda feels like i only have front brakes as well. Wonder what kind of money i'm looking at to get rear/emer brakes back on my ride. Tony ZcarsRock!!!
  13. yes i have had several problems before i tried to bleed the system. Mostly my clutch felt as though it was slipping. I purchased a new clutch kit but felt i did not have the time to do the job myself. My reason for bleeding the system was to get at least another week out of my ride(gotta get to work ya know) But now i'm just gonna thumb it or have a buddy take me to work and hope the guys at the Car Quest will hurry up and install my new clutch. A positive note, while in first the clutch is permanently engaged and it pulls the car way better than when the clutch was slipping....i could br
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