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  1. [ Anyone know the wheels on the car in the original post? I would also like to know what wheels these are... They look a little like the BOZE style wheels but I cant find that exact style on their website. Plus they are a lot of $$$
  2. Thanks again Bartman... I hope they have this air dam in a 280Z style. I will call them today.
  3. I think I found this air dam for those of you interested... 240z/260z/280z 1970-78 kaminari fiberglass airdam 3 port style http://www.showcars-bodyparts.com/240z.html They are $330.00... I bought the urethane airdam with brake cooling ducts about 5 months ago. But I think I am going over this this style. I like it a lot on the 2 cars above. Thank you bartman for the info....
  4. Where can you buy the Kaminari air dam? (I do think thats the one)
  5. I found the picture on Google images searching for "Datsun Z".... This car looks sick... but I really want this air dam.
  6. What AIR DAM is this and do they make this style air dam for the 280Z? Where can I buy one?
  7. Im looking to be in the 300whp - 350whp (not looking for a TON of power just fun). It is my weekend/summer car. When I do drive it will mostly be to "cruise" but I also want to have enough power to have some fun when I need to. Budget is not that big of a concern.... I am more curious to find out what will be the best option. I can get 350WHP out of the RB25 with just a swap and some bolt ons. Im wondering if I put time and money into the L28 if I will get the same numbers and save some $$ in the process.
  8. That would be a good move but the only prob with that is Im still paying for a swap... Thats what Im trying to avoid. If I have to pay for a swap I will just end up doing the RB25DET.
  9. Ok, I am hoping for a little help here. I have been searching the website and I have not found a lot of information on this. Im thinking about doing a motor swap to an RB25DET in my 280Z. Question: Has anyone tried modding the L28 Inline 6 (turbo, motor mods, etc) and if so what kind of numbers are you seeing? To swap over to an RB25 its going to be $8k - $10k and Im wondering if I would get some good numbers by just modding up the inline 6? Thanks in advance... - Patrick:beer:
  10. The guy only wants $1,200 and Im gonna offer around $900 for it. I do plan on putting in a different motor no matter what... So its the car I want.

  11. hey dont buy that car if the engine is not running though.....for sure, unless you are putting in a V8.....

  12. to fix just the body to where you want it looking like the way it should.....I am a hybrid guy myself.....I am building a LS2 right now, I will be done in about 8 months though, not in time for the convention...

  13. $4,000 out from getting the car to where I want it?

    I think its going to be a lot more then that by the time Im done.... haha... It will take a year or two. But I want it to be a beast. Im a Hybrid guy.

  14. Hey it is definitely in better shape than what I started with.....I think about 4,000 out from what you are looking to do for sure....

  15. Please look at the photos on my profile. Its a 1975 280Z the current owner is asking $1,300. The engine does not run. Let me know what you think, Thanks, Patrick
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