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  1. damn! that's one beautiful Z!!! inspiration for my own work in progress haha...

  2. Hi Guys Thanks for the complements I think LeonV hits it on the nose about traction. Should have had some R compounds, but this happened so fast. "Run what you brought" as they say. I was on Michelin PS2s. The spot where you see Steve drift out was filmed during practice with goPro on windshield and film crew in a bad spot on track. Steve was pushing it and she drifted a bit, the camera guy bailed, but they got the shot. I was hoping they would use it. So cool to be a part of it. Nice to see that the rest of the world is finally figuring out what we have been saying all along. Datsun's rule! Gord
  3. I went with the following wheel/tire combination Fronts are Watanabe 16X9 -13 offset, 4X114.3 lug. Tires are Mich Pilot Sport A/S plus 225/50ZR-16 Rear are Watanabe 16X9.5 -19 offset, 4X114.3 lug. Tires are Mich Pilot Sport A/S plus 245/50ZR-16 Lots of mods to accept bigger wheels. Struts/springs/hubs/camber plates/:)... Gord
  4. I am going through the same predicament myself. I ordered the seals from Black Dragon and was really puzzled with the seals. As you can see from photos...My car was in less than perfect shape when I got it. I am trying to figure out what they OEM stuff looked like ??? and what is out there to replace it with. I agree with you that the flat seal is basically useless. I did find this link http://www.vintagerubber.com/datsun240z-upperouterhatchseal-2-1.aspx and poked around and figured out that the 240 seal was later replaced with a one piece seal on the 260Z... I think I am with you and going to go with the later "one piece" seal from the 260Z Gord
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