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    i've owned my present 1970Z since early "85. (2nd owner) It was a DD until Jan '92 when it underwent a resto. Everything including the paint job was done in my garage. The restoation was complete in the fall of '95. It is definitely not a trailer queen. It has been AutoX'd, gone on campimg / road trips and car showss, etc.
  1. s/n 48 was originally Blue with a black interior. I couldn't open the above link for the online spread sheets. I wanted to check out my zed's info.
  2. I have to ask what product / proceedure did you use on your floor? How recently was it done. It looks awsome.
  3. In re-reading Bonzi Lon's response (#75) I went out and rechecked the engine serial #. It appears that I omitted one of the 0's in my earlier post. My correct engine # is 005757. Sorry for the confusion. Cheers Greg
  4. Hi Carl Some more data for the above "recap". L24-5757 E31 #0327B 4/70 HLS30-02725 From your thread it appears that the only casting number that is close or similar is .... " L24-05778 E31 0320A 04/70 bas". Where is "abas" located?
  5. Hi Dave Rec'd my mount last Thursday. It's a nice piece of work. I picked up a set of bump stops this afternoon. I presently have my car up on stands with the engine / diff and the complete suspension out of the car. I read about Motorman7's troubles with his addition of the curved mustache on his 71Z. Besides replacing all the oem suspension pcs on my '70 (4/70 s/n 2725), I'm also moving the Diff back using the curved mustache bar. It will be a few weeks until I get the rebuilt Diff back from Vancouver. So I'll have to wait until then to install the mount /diff. Anyone else doing the RT mount & moving the Diff back on an early Zed. Any comments greatly appreciated. Thanks again Dave for putting this group buy together. Cheers Greg
  6. Presently refreshing "ol'red70". Doing electrical, suspension bushings, both M/c's, rebuilding diff and trans, replacing rotors/ finned brake drums, etc,etc. All parts that were on the car are in a serviceable condition. I'm not going to use all the new stuff that I've been gathering over the years for the next restoration. That's not going to happen as we're on the road travelling. One zed is just right. Up for grabs today is a "longtail fuse" box for a 4/70 240z. Good useable condition. It is being replaced with a NIB one. Cover postage & it's yours.
  7. Hi Dave Money Order sent in the afternoon mail. You should have it Fri / Mon. Thanks again.
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