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  1. This isn't really a major emergency, although it kind of sucks when driving at night. My headlights will only work on BRIGHT mode; which can be a nuisance for other drivers; and potentially land me a ticket. Any ideas on why the low beams won't work? A switch, fuse, or even the headlights themselves perhaps? Any suggestions are much appreciated!
  2. This drivers side door-jam area trim piece i need to get replaced. Basically it is on the bottom of the door jam; between the carpet and the metal plate/rubber seal (in the door jam) --- It has interior material on it, although metal underneath. I'm curious what this trim is called. The piece I currently have was rusted out so I removed it. Any idea where I can get it replaced? I can post a photo of the actual trim later on, although i think you guys get the point... Thanks!
  3. I currently reside in South Florida. The bumpers will most likely stay: my plan is to keep the car stock. I do like the look of the aftermarket air-dams, although I just don't think I can justify that quite yet. The paint job was in December (according to the prev. owner) and it is the original car color (#305) which is a plus, since it matches the engine bay. It also has another 1 1/2 year warranty on it, in which I will take advantage of. There are 2 or 3 small spots that need to be addressed. I will post a photo of the engine and interior soon. I got done with an engine tune-up about a week ago, looking great; just the interior work now which is the bulk of the work needed on the car.
  4. I've been visiting the site now for a few weeks, and decided to post up photos of my new 1975' 280z. I've owned the car for about a month now, after a long time of searching. I just wanted to introduce myself before I start firing a few questions off in hopes to get some help from some other experienced Z owners. It's nice to have found an active Z Forums with other people who are just as passionate about Z's as myself. -Mikewags
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