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  1. I think the Idea started way back when Car and Driver Magazine road tested the first 240z .That day they had a mgb gt a opel gt and a vw karman ghia .The only words the test drivers kept coming up with was the 240z was Ferrari Like in every way .remember when the 240z came out there was nothing in its price that compared to it .The corvette was a big lump or Iron basicaly a chevy lemans with a shorter wheel base and a fiberglassbody on top very crude for a performance sports car and then there were Ferraris aand really nothing in between that was sleek well balanced and scaled to a personal drivers car .The test concluded with the test drivers wishing for stiffer shocks as the only improvement they thought the car needed to be perfect.
  2. the home and gardens channel has a design show called Design for the Sexes.The designer drives a bright yellow 240z they show him driving up to the house sometimes in it .Also the car in vanilla sky was a Z ferrari conversion a McBernie Coach Car.the ferrari body kit that goes on a 240.As Im sure you all know that car.
  3. Does any one make a complete stainless exhaust header and system for the 240z or am I on my own to a custum exhaust shop.Has anyone had any fitting problems if they did find and purchase one ..aany help is welcome thanks Zzpyder PS if there is not one out there I will source a company to make them as in massachusetts its the first part to rust on a z car .I see alot of people have views this topic would you guys buy a Stainless header and exhaust system ? If I go thru the expense of doing one Ill be sure a jig is made and make them available
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