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  1. Did this many times in Georgia living in Florida to get clean titles.
  2. $21k for a car that needs some serious work. I'm astonished.
  3. Ekkkkk. Those pictures say many things. Not sure a frame straightener would be able to fix this without some surgery.
  4. Not sure what would be easier, add metal to the doors or unzip the doglegs and just make it right. Lots of work.
  5. I like the fan setup, thats probably 3 or 4 times the airflow I'm getting from the stock compressor fan. I do get water in the tank, but it never makes it to my air tools. When I start painting I'll probably redo my system to incorporate a higher volume fan.
  6. Thanks. Your setup is what I have been eye balling. Do you ever get any moisture at all out of the dryer? They seem to work really well from all I have read and seen on youtube. I think the way you did it is better or at least the same from a refrigerated dryer, but I'm no expert.
  7. Can you share a pic or two of your paint setup? Shop air, dryers, etc? I rigged up a transmission cooler on the fan of my compressor, it brings 300* air down to about 70* before entering tank. I want to believe that it reduces the amount of condensation in the tank, although I still drain some out of it.
  8. $18,200!!!!!!!! I'm about to lose religion. If they made it brand new today it wouldnt go for this.
  9. Upper left fender attach area.
  10. . They must have put a new guy on mine at the factory, the spot welds and MIG welds are pretty bad, and thats coming from someone like me who is leaning how to weld as I go. Did you add supports anywhere when you removed the rails and radiator support?
  11. One of my favorite cars of all time. There is a really good video of Toyota testing it on a track.
  12. Cant stand cell phones typing. Convenient but maddening. I read a study that suggest that if you show a common word that starts and ends with the correct letters but the middle of the word is all askew, the mind will still see it as correct or something like that. Auto correct wasn't feeling me out right.
  13. Anyone like to discuss disassembly technique where the frame rails and lower radiator supports are welded together? It looks like a necessity to dissemble the lower radiator support at the very least to get new frame rail up in there. Lucky for me I need to replace the inboard (rear) lower radiator support piece that has the lightning holes in it anyways. Thanks gang.
  14. Lol Yes. I like the point about finding an original car. I agree $$$.
  15. This happened in the VW world as well, particularly Oval window Beetles. Many have said because the cars are "rare", I say BS. Rare means you cant find one without a true hunt. If you want an Oval window Beetle, you can have one heading to your address tomorrow, Ebay, CL, The Samba, etc. S30's are not rare, so what gives. Once both my 70 and 73 are restored and on the road, I really have a hard time believing there is over 6 figures worth of cars in my garage. I sold this 56 in a few minutes of hitting Enter on a VW site.
  16. Doesn't look like a z at all. The others are great.
  17. Whats the third drawing?
  18. Awesome, thats perfect. Thank you.
  19. Looking for measurements on the following. This is an early VIN car under 1000, not sure if that matters if its series 1-3. Thanks.
  20. Looking for measurements on the following. This is an early VIN car under 1000, not sure if that matters if its series 1-3. Thanks.
  21. Never spent time around 280z. I always thought the major change was just the US bumpers. Thank you.
  22. Here are two valances, one is recognizable, the other is not. The brackets on the short one are definitely Datsun, but too short for 240z.
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