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  1. I am also very interested in anyones findings... I have experimented with a few different seals over the years with no good results.
  2. I did that same exact thing to my regulators about 10 years ago... Still working great.
  3. My wicked 260Z is "Christine". Named after the evil Plymouth Fury in the Steven King novel/movie.
  4. Check your fusible links...Any additional amperage can pop a link. I upgraded my alternator (Nissan Maxima 90A), one of my fusible links blew and my volt meter was instantly pegged. I was driving in heavy traffic at the time, all of my bulbs (headlights, tail lights, dash, everything) exploded and a portion of my wiring harness caught on fire. Once I traced down the issue I decided to eliminate the fusible links and switch to maxi-fuses. After replacing all of my bulbs and rewiring half the car, she was back running like a champ.
  5. 17X7 Centerline's with 245/45/17 tires all around. They have been on the car before any modifications were done (other than lowering).
  6. blended quarter flares
  7. blended quarter flares
  8. blended quarter flares
  9. I did think about that but I also took into consideration that some aftermarket performance part manufacturers produce copper exhaust manifold and header flange gaskets...I was also considering using aluminum instead of copper. My car might not be the best choice for a test vehicle either since my header is ceramic coated.
  10. 93 only in my girl. She doesn't like the lower grades.
  11. I was wondering if anyone out there has toyed with the idea of a copper intake/exhaust gasket? The factory and aftermarket gaskets seem to be either crap or one step above crap. I am considering having one produced and tested. The only problem I could possibly see would be the cost, but it would be worth it in the long run, especially for anyone running a modified Z. Your input is greatly appreciated.
  12. I had an aftermarket seal I got from Too Intense Restorations. My seal was twisted to where it would not sit on the glass...Probably a production defect. I then decided to go a different direction and flush mount the glass like the newer European cars. It turned out nice with no seal needed.
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