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  1. I would like to apologize for the delays in responding. I moved recently and the zonning marshalls have been giving me heck. I finally have made them appear in our Congressmans' office next month. I'm fighting this Dukes of Hazzard political system tooth and nail. I'm an American too and their arm of the law can only reach so far ! I would be glad to help anyone in this position when I get it over. We are car nuts not Terrorist nuts. Again, thankz for understanding and I'll do the best I can for now to respond to any wishes. Sometimes calling could be quicker. Sicerely a Z hound, Craig 770-591-1740
  2. I have a fiberglass body kit for 240/260 which looks like it was made for a Trans Am series or something. It has wide front fenders which have no headlight openings, wide quarter panels and a very large 2pc whale tail. It has never been installed. I thinking of doing a Z car racer and would probably do some trading in that direction. Let me know. Thanks Craig 770-591-1740
  3. I live at the end of a county maintained road which stops about 200 yds before it gets to my cars. NO ONE can see these cars but me and airplane pilots. Where I just moved from I had a licsense to work on cars but they harrased me evey year with at least one auto violation. I was grandfathered in there also but it does'nt matter to these tyrants. By the way they offer a friend who could remove them for us for free. It is a pure civil rights case and I'm talking to the ACLU to try and get some help, and wrote to my congressmen also. I have always played by the rules but they are painting me into a corner and they are threating me and my dogs with anilation and auctioning off the property and raising taxes etc. I'm on 4.5 acres and all you can see around me are horse farms. These horses don't give a damn about these cars its civil politics. They caused me to lose my last place but I'll see this one to my grave!!!!!!!!
  4. I'm having a hell of a time with the county zoning *******s. They seem to have a hard on against old cars, they think they are junk since they are'nt Lexus' etc. I,m within my legal rights where I am but they change the rules to suit them. This is a classic case of the Goverment taking our classics away from us. I read a article in Hot Rod a few months back about this. Our goverment can kill us just like the terrorist! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Its coming to a head pretty quick so if you know anyone in any political position, please ask them to help. I'm in Cherokee County, Ga. Redneck and dumbass capital of the south. Thanks for any help!!!! They might be in your back yard next so lets all band together and fight for our freedom to own and work on old cars. Sincerely, Craig Hudgens 770 591 1740
  5. I have 6 2+2's and 17 coupes from 70-81 and I love them all. The 2+2 at a low angle looking backwards look like the old Jag XKE. I think its good we have variations so everyone won't look the same. Z on.....
  6. I live in the Atlanta,Ga area and have a garage and body shop. I have done restorations for 10+ years. I have 70 that I'm working on as well as a 71,72 and around 20 other Z cars and parts. If I can be of any help please let me know. Craig
  7. I have 25 Z cars mostly complete from the first Z ever produced with automatic transmission, 260 2+2,several early 280 2+2,s and coupes,280 Turbo and several more up to 1981. Most are 240/260/early 280. Also, I have a shop full of original parts,interior and exterior,new and used engines and trans. body parts etc. I have just moved so it will take a little longer to find what you need as some parts are still being unboxed. Or, I would sell it all for one price and I also have lots of shop equipment and tools I would sell also. Start your own Z zone.! We all know it is a profitable business, especially with all the old stuff I have. I am working on a inventory sheet so please bare with me. You can call me at 770-591-1740. Thanks and Z on! Craig
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