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  1. i put alot of time into my car ive cleaned the connectors to......but when it starts to sputter and running rich i pull the spark plug wire that goes to the coil to see the spark! wheal it steel running ! it clears up. and i even bot a new coil. and distributor to!! i practically changed everything.
  2. i just changed all the fuel injectors,fuel pressure regulator,fuel filters watertemp senor...i even ran it with the cold start vulve unpluged!! but it steel does it...
  3. I have a 1977 Datsun 280z, since i bought the car it ran good but once in a while it runs rich and starts to flood out. When i give it gas it starts to sputter.I been trying to find this problem for a while now and i cant figure it out. People tell me its the water temp. sensor, i changed it and it still does it. It seems like the problem will go away for like a week but then it comes back, I'm thinking it could be a relay, but i don't know what it is, Can someone please help me! Thank You.
  4. why!! does my 77 datsun 280z run to rich and flood out.....plz! help:(
  5. i steel cant find the EFI relay.....i looked under the dash there non that looks like that one it that pix.....is it the same for a 77 datsun 280z
  6. i cant find the EFI relay how does it look i look under the dash....pls help!
  7. do u know a web site were i can get a Factory Service Manual for my 77 datsun 280z
  8. were is the EFI relay located in my 77 datsun 280z
  9. yea! it just happed about two weeks ago.....the car was running fin then it just died! i had a test light to test the injectors theres no power running threw them at all!.......and i also have a 76 datsun 2!
  10. I have a question about my '77 Nissan 280z that I'm trying to fix. Why isn't there any power going to the fuel injectors? It starts for like one second, but then it just shuts off. Could it be a relay? If it is, would anybody know where it's located at? and what kind of relay it is? If anybody knows what to do, please give me some advice I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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