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  1. hello!  


    Here is a feed of all the pics I have ever taken of the roadster since I took delivery in 2012


    First thing I did when I bought he car was go through the brakes. Bled them and replaced the front right caliper.


    Then I stared the redo of the entire interior. All the vinyl, door cards, dash, seats, carpet with sound deadening, new steering wheel, got the heater working, cleaned all the electrical connectors, restored the factory speaker and I got it to respond to the radio (although no music comes out, but I think that is because I have never raised the antenna). I got a tonneau cover for it.

    Then I replaced all the hoses and got the vintage Weber DCOE 45s rebuilt and tuned them. Car will start up right away even after being left for months without driving. 


    Engine has the comp datsun package on it.  ORiginal owner I got it from rebuilt it and while details are sketchy I believe it has high compression pistons and definitely has a the Datsun C  cam as it really comes alive beyond 4k.  I replaced the exhaust and installed a new resonator to make it quieter so a conversation could be had while driving.  

    It is a lovely car and now that I redid the windshield trim the top closes easily and seals well.

  2. Hello Zup! 



    Zedy here.  I am installing my 5 speed finally and when I dropped the starter I realized how amazingly ugly it was.  Is their a place that restores starters or sells OEM starters in mint refurbished condition! ?

  3. yessir, thats me. I had a blast! First time taking heron the track, and I learned so much about my car that day. I highly recommend it.

  4. I am running some Xtherapy SU's... never got the triples.

  5. Wish I knew more shops around houston, but I have no idea what is here and what is not. You would think that in a city this large we would have somebody.

  6. http://www.showroommobiledetailing.com/

    Here is the guy. He recently did my dads truck and it was spectacular.

  7. THanks dude... Car is more fun to drive every day.

  8. like a champ! Polished up and looking and sounding great.

    It has a great sound on deceleration as well...fantastic blurble..

  9. I cant tell you how much I love it buddy. I posted in your bring'n back the twin stacks and put a picture and a clip of my car there for potential buyers to see. Its really the sexiest exhaust I have ever heard on these cars.

  10. Very interested. Wont be until December, is that okay? How was the condition when removed? If its in good condition, No leaks, good syncros, etc, consider it sold. Cash okay?

  11. I had to burn mine out. Did not have luck pressing, but thanks for taking the time to tell me that!

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