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    1972 240z boght for $600. Came with a 280z engine with N42 head and the usual rust. Is a project in progress.
  1. Thanks guys. I currently have a 2004 Dodge Intrepid SXT with the 3.5 HO engine. Fun car, but not as fun as the Z was. When wife and I get a house, I am going to get another 240Z, don't care if it is just a rolling chassis. Then I will get an engine from a turbo 280Z and rebuild it. Don't know if I want to go NA or full on turbo yet. A 5 peed transmission, and all the electrical upgrades. My grandpa has a 240z, been sitting for years, but he doesn't want to part with it. My uncle learned how to drive with it when he was a kid.
  2. Well not really. Been a looooooong time. I have been OK. I am still living in Ohio, down in Marietta near the West Virginia border. My mom passed away a few years ago now. I have completed an associates in electronic engineering 2 years ago. I don't have another Z car yet, bit eventually will get another.
  3. Hmm, all the above, including what's been posted...
  4. I still say it today, but a 6 month long class of driver's education before you get your first license should be mandatory in this country. Just the other day when I was on my way home from putting in an app at the local union hall, a guy in his late 20's was tailgating me in a charger, and I was already going 5 over, (bad habit of mine). He already alomst rear ended me twice. I slow down to let him pass, and he doesn't, so I speed back up, and he doesn't pass. Then he starts to high beam me in the middle of the day. Mind you there is nothing wrong with my car. He did this for about 10 miles, so I braked checked him, and he finally goes around. Anyhow, I know I've done some pretty stupid things as well. My first car was a 1997 Toyota Tercel 4 door, California roads... But, to continue on with what I was saying, 6 months of driver's education, both classroom and practical, a defensive driving course, with videos of everything that has happened of the crashes with people being stupid. And the point system in this country should be more strict. Ok, I'm done ranting. It just saddens me to see innocent bystanders getting killed for someone elses mistakes, and my heart goes out to all affected in this.
  5. Hey Dave, Thanks. I got a temp job, only 3 days, making $25 and hour for those 3 days, but it gets my foot in the door. I've been looking at z cars in my area, and well, not too bad of condition for the prices, I might have one here in 6 months to a year. Also, I seen your adapters and harnesses on MSA, congrats! I was excited to see them on there. For your 260, I hope your taking pics of the progress, I'd love to see how its comming along. How's your 240 running? Replaced the electric fuel pump yet? Well, gotta run, I'll keep you and everyone updated of what's going on. Justin
  6. Aso check your valve clearances, for they too can cause problems if not set right. With mine, when I first got it, was running fine, and then I started having similar problems. It ended up being that I had several rocker arms off their "rockers," (pun), but anyhow, once I put those on and got the clearances set, problem went away, except for the ones one would usually get with the original mechanical dizzy... Almost forgot, check all the rubber fuel hoses for any crakcs or leaks as well, especially the ones that go from the float bowls to the nozzles. Anyhow, keep us posted and let us know what's up. Justin
  7. Well, it is done, and I am now here in Ohio, without my 240z. However, once I'm working and back on my feet, I will be getting another Z car. I do miss everyone and everything, and well, will be getting involved again in the next year. Justin
  8. Carl, the holes that are closer to the center are for the heater hoses. My 240z had what yours has now.
  9. http://www.classiczcars.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=3093
  10. Don't mean to hijack the thread a little, however, if unable to find the ground, you can pick up the headlight wiring harness upgrade through Zs-Ondabrain (Dave). I picked one up, and the difference was nite and day, litterally. My switch does not overheat at all, and it takes the power directly from the battery to the headlights, allowing the full voltage of 12V to the headlights, rather than about 9V to 10V, which is lossed by the yards upon yards of wiring going through the car. Just my 2c. However, I'll look when I get home tonight where the stock grounding is. Justin
  11. Richard, may us I-level techs go on forver...
  12. I know I posted in funny bone, but I'll try to keep this thread going for us Sailors. Ex-sailor here. Served on the USS Constellation from end 1998 to the beginning of 2003 and the USS Lincoln in 2006 to 2007. In-between I was at the air base in Fallon, NV. I was an aviation electronis technician, fixing the electronics for the planes, and keeping the test benches up and running that ran the electronics for troubleshooting purposes. I tell you what, it was a good feeling watching a F-18 launch off the end of the carrier full of bombs, and comming back empty, knowing what you did actually made a difference, and this was BEFORE 9-11...
  13. Matt, that sucks when that happens. When I'm finally able to afford it, I'm gonig to be picking myself up an electric pump, and get rid of my mechanical pump, and just put a block off plate there, for I eventually plan on going with a triple mikuni set up.
  14. Richard, with that, sounds like the electric fuel pump may be going bad. Check its electrical connections first, and the wiring to it. If not, then replace the pump. Justin
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