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  1. Small update: Got the gas tank R200 (3.9) egr block offs for the lt-1 power steering pump bypass pully All still need to be installed. Still need to get my surge tank and high pressure pump.
  2. Haven't had a lot of time to work on the car itself but it now has a home to live in for the time being I plan on getting crates for the base and putting plywood on those to allow for a dry, flat surface to work on. More updates soon!
  3. wet sanding is happening.. Bringing it home by the end of the month.
  4. Some updates: started on the engine bay. Did a test spray on the roof to see how many coats it needs. Currently:
  5. so the project begins....again! Just picked this thing up and plan on swapping all of the fun stuff out of it and into the new shell
  6. Supplies to repair the body ordered and delivered. Hoping to see some updates soon. As far as reinforcements go, I will need to see what kind of space we have in the engine bay for the strut tower bar after the v8 is in place. The rear will most likely get one as well, but the car is getting the bad dog parts full length frame rail kit as well as the roll bar/cage kit installed as well. It should be quite stiff when all is said and done.
  7. Thanks! it might be a little while. We are focusing on the body first then the drivetrain.
  8. Update: We decided to go with another shell. Just picked this one up today and it is officially a 240Z now (all of it) Still on the hunt for a manual trans for the LT1....