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  1. Did you say drivers seat? This pass had potential for being a new personal best. 60 foot was a little better then the 8.76 but it backfired on the shift and shut off the N2O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4Kj99rVDJk
  2. New PB. only 2 100s off of the track record for a street legal car here in Utah!!! going for it in 3 weeks. This was the next pass. we leaned it out with n20 on cause it was still in the mid 10s for afr. was a bit more interesting..... It popped the cold side intercooler pipe off right at the 330 mark.
  3. New PB. car is running well.
  4. I think 2002 was the last time my original rbZ was on the track. here it is again !!! I was really happy with the results for the first time out. Rb26 datsun 260z 10.2 @ 142mph - YouTube
  5. Well i finally completed something i have been putting off forever. Wiring. its not all done BUT all i really have to do is run wires (14 to be exact) and clean up the engine harness under the dash and its done. This is the first time time i have ever attempted something like this. Probably wont do it again either. VERY TIME CONSUMING!!!
  6. Not sure if you can call it progress but…. Removed the converter for one last attempt at a stall. Going balls to the wall with a 7+K stall and see if that helps with getting the turbo to spool. Have lots of wiring cleaning up to do here. Also removed ATI damper to get timing marks laser cut. Yea the old ones didn’t come with timing marks WTF??? Also redid the install on the NOS solenoids and nozzle and installed them under the manifold so I don’t have that huge mess on top. Its all underneath now!! Before After Also redid some wiring behind the dash so removing the dash doesn’t involve snipping wires.
  7. HAHA I still laugh cause I know my daughter and that was shear terror in her voice!!! I had told her we were just going for a little spin around the block
  8. Woo has it really been that long..... this is the red car in its new form finally back to life. http://youtu.be/dJS713pFDXY 605 at 18 psi 8900 rpm - YouTube rb26 drag 260z outside car - YouTube
  9. More progress... not going to get it to the track this year before snow flies but next year for sure. made 605 at 18PSI. 700 should be real easy. 605 at 18 psi 8900 rpm - YouTube Convinced my daughter to take a ride.... she wasn't very happy afterwards ;> rb26 260z drag car inside car - YouTube rb26 drag 260z outside car - YouTube
  10. It has a 4 link so i should be able to tune it to stay down.
  11. Here are some of the most recent pics. Should be getting on the dyno for a base tune within a month of so.
  12. Very cool i was just looking for repair methods for my drag Z. gonna try this soon.
  13. Well its been a while since i updated this but here you go. im not going to post a bunch of pics that are allready out there so if your interested in teh progress click here http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=144802 Here is a video of the motor that is now in the red car. i bought the black car specifially for my motor and to tune it. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v288/stony7/?action=view&current=labordaycompilation.flv
  14. yea bunch of pics here on hybridz check it out. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=109476
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