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  1. Having a Front Row seat at the entrance to the Front straight was very interesting,...

    I saw & heard Randy's 46 Tribute launch early in the day....it sounded like it had a misfire or burnt valve first pull..... I was bumming when i heard it threw a rod.

    Great effort to get her running again,when it broke the tranny later i was shocked.

    Great Event and enjoyed seeing everyone !!








  2. It was after no sleep for 3 days finishing the ground up restoration of my Bob Sharp Racing Widebody 240Z,you see I was late to ZCon 2010,and made it there morning of the Car Show on the grounds of Nissan National HQ. I had went all the way on my resto but cut it too tight to participate in opening ceremony.

    Arriving late ZCon event organizers parked me out in the mud even though there was pretty of pavement available,I had missed the group picture that was schedules for 7:00 am that morning. As I was cleaning most of the mud off my tires a man with handle bar mustache (Dennis G) circled my Z about 3 times until he finally ask my about The Camel Street 240z.

    I was a huge honor to represent the Z community,Connecticut Z Club & Georgia Z Club on My Classic Car!

    In case you missed the show it was a 40th Anniversary to remember! 🐫Z Http://youtu.be/AAvvz4KovOw

  3. Dean you will be very impressed,Dennis Gage circled the entire event several times,picked great Z cars and never broke a sweat.....

    lots of napkins & towels of course...but it was quite interesting to see Millen,BRE & BSR all represented at the 40th Anniv of the Z and a car show expert (Dennis Gage) pick the Z cars 70 million viewers on Speed Channel would enjoy....After 15 seasons of national television broadcasts I guess he knows what the people want...Enjoy the show! Vince C.

  4. Eiji is a friend and has been a great source for good 240z gear,but the "Datsun Spirit" theme is used by Nissan on the transports for the rare works cars,I have recent pics from Mr K's 100th where the slogan on the trailer walls say "Forever Datsun Spirit" so I thought if it's good enough for the factory.........





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