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  1. I bought the one for the 240-260 Z's. Love having all the pictures for reference. Did you buy it on Ebay, from the guy in Kuwait?
  2. The guys here and at Zcar.com walked me thru the same thing and many more issues. Three years ago I was lost, now 2 months ago I swapped a trans! Still lost when its an electrical problem. First the FSM, search tool, then ask away.
  3. I use a leaf backpack blower after washing the z's. You would be amazed at the water that comes out from what looks like dry trim / bumper areas. Works great underneath the car also. I just put it on max speed and let it blow under the car for a hour or so, while I hydrate with Mooseheads!
  4. Reddie 73 , jumping in here to give some info. to Skyrit (....I'm having some of the same clutch issues on my 71 Z, .. I can't even find the master and slave cyl. If anyone has a diagram ...) Skyrit, here is a link to the FSM for the 72 Z ,at Xenons great site. It will show you the location of the master ( firewall) and slave cylinder (trans). Do a search at this site, EVERYTHING basic has been asked and answered many times over. The slaves are around $20 locally. Check the slave at the trans, if its leaking even slightly,change it out. It takes a half hour. What is the issue you are having?
  5. 240zDAVE, that was a great link. The car on the bottom #123 was the one my Grandfather raced in! I have never seen that Lincol Capri, always heard of it though. I want to have a print made up from the owner of the negative - great surprise for him. If I remember right he told me that was a 53 Lincoln that they drove down from Manhatan,N.Y.C. They wrecked on the first of eight laps. Based on the maps, it looks like it was couple of hundred miles to a lap. That had to be a crazy dangerous race to run. My Grandfather is 85 now, and also raced Triumphs in Colombia, S.A. I found 3 cars in a Museum in Indiana from the LCP. I wonder if 123, still exists? I hope that Z tears it up at the LCP, thanks again. Love this place and the people!
  6. I just called Tommy ,gave him Dave's email He said he has had the switch go out 4 times so far. Time for a harness upgrade!!
  7. No, its not imported plastic. I used a plastic lens polishing compound on my Tundras headlights. It removed about 70% of the yellow, saved me big $$. Its a liquid, mildly abrasive paste that you rub on in circles and then rub off. Some kits come with buffing wheels for use in a drill. I do not know if it will work with 40 yr old plastic. I also have used toothpaste rubbed in circles to polish cd's that skip when played. That did nothing on the headlight lens.
  8. I just went thru the same thing on my 72. The car cranked and would not start on a fully charged battery. I checked for spark at the coil from the lead, it was sparking when held close to the chassis. So I assumed fuel starvation. After wasting a lot of time I ended up swaping the coil and the car is fine now.The coil went bad overnight literally. I had the MSD 8202, this coil is designed to be mounted vertically only. It was mounted horizontal on the inside fender. I replaced it with the MSD 8222 ($55.00 shipped from Summit Racing) which tolerates vibration and is epoxy filled. Rated at 45,000 KV, and can be mounted in ANY direction. I could not find what the correct voltage readings are for a coil. -Rick
  9. Dam Glenn, that is a find! Good for you. Reversing the mods should be fairly inexpensive. How is the dash? At the risk of being rude,would you mind revealing your purchase price? -Rick
  10. Rick Q.

    Z Music

    Okay, anything by the Dolls,Ramones,the Motown artists or Stones.
  11. If I was in the market, 15-18k would be a reasonable price. If it was fully documented mileage and no irreversible alterations,bodywork. I would go 20-22k. Have you guys seen the prices of early- rough condition 70's cars? Someone must have inspected this car to be offering 15k. The Z cars are so undervalued, its crazy. My .02 -Rick
  12. I just went down that road, I had my 4spd blew up. You will need the FSM. Go here http://www.xenons30.com/reference.html It was over my head, way too many parts. I bought a used 5spd($200),parts for clutch related items,seals etc ($150.00).The labor ($400).The mechanic double pinned the forks. Apparently the roll pins shear over time. The average price for a rebuilt trans was $1,200. Problem is parts are replaced at the shops discretion so I opted to get my own trans. I found NOS synchros only from one shop,most others are made in China. -Rick
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