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  1. 240Z415

    2019 ZCCA Branson

    I have decided to offer up my Scarab for sale, so here's your chance to be a part of a great group of car owners, and to own a piece of automotive history. Since I am selling, prices will no doubt skyrocket in the future. Recent coverage by Hemmings and the Wall Street Journal validate the increased interest in these vehicles. Here is the E-Bay link. PM me for more pictures or to discuss https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-Datsun-Z-Series/274036121144?hash=item3fcdd35e38:g:R5QAAOSwNaBdlTyK
  2. Order a motorcycle twist throttle cable. It will have a metal pre-formed 90 degree bend at one end that will work perfect for your application. Love the ITB's. Always wanted to do that set up!
  3. 240Z415

    2019 ZCCA Branson

    Just got back from Branson after towing 4,100 miles RT. Yeow! The show was a blast! The Scarab book is worth the $35 just for the back cover alone, since it has a picture of our car on it. Is was fun getting to meet a lot of really nice folks. I saw some of the nicest Z cars I have ever seen at the show and came home with some great ideas. As soon as I can stand up straight I am headed to the garage! craZee
  4. Looking forward to taking my Scarab (purchased on BaT last Dec) to Branson for the first official Scarab reunion. Not looking forward to the tow there from San Diego however! Will have it at the Peterson Auto Museum for a Japanese cars and coffee Sunday morning May 26. If anyone lives in the area stop by and say hi. craZee
  5. Just heard from a buddy of mine who is already at the event above and he says the place is "crawling with Z cars". Leaving at 6:30 am to be there Sat and Sunday. Can't wait!
  6. Forgot to mention that I will have both V8 cars at Cal Speedway this Saturday and Sunday. They are doing a big Datsun feature with vintage racing, autocross and car show. Here are the details; Hello Everyone, VARA and GroupZ are hosting a very special event paying tribute to the racing history of the legendary Z car January 19-20 2019 Auto Club Speedway Fontana Ca. This is your chance to see vintage Z cars in action and meet the drivers who race them, show off your Z, test your car and skills in AutoX, tour the race track in your car, reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Gate Fee will be $15 per person good for Sat and Sun Track Tours $20 each day Event Shirt $15 Dash Plaque /Event Poster $5 Car Show Entry to be eligible for Trophies $25 For a special weekend pass that includes all the above for $50 go to https://www.vararacing.com/california-speed-fest and mail in your registration or sign up through the link to Motorsportsreg on the VARA website. Note this offer is preregistration only so don't wait! If you want to see the most on track action, come out Saturday to witness all the VARA classes race and get yourself on the track with the lunch time track tours Sunday will be all about the Z with a special pre lunch tribute race, special lunch time track tour and after lunch car show and race award ceremony. The pits will be open to spectators and food trucks and Racing and Z car vendors will be on site as well A detailed weekend schedule will be available soon from VARA An AutoX will be available both days on site inside the Speedway hosted by Speed Ventures. to register go to: http://speedventures.com/events/eventdetail.aspx?id=758 For questions about the car show, contact ian@groupz.com Like ianz is offline Report Post
  7. Hi all, I am the buyer of this Scarab. Pretty sad that my brother had to send me this link Having owned Z cars since 1981, I have always dreamed of owning a Scarab. Figuring I would never see one for sale, I completed an LS1 swap in a 72 Z about 2 months ago. Of course, as soon as I finished mine one came up for sale I had no expectation of buying the car for the $30,000 bid. My buddies and I all thought it would go much higher. I am proud to own it however, and it is one of three nice Z's in my collection. I have the blue LS swap previously mentioned, as well as a white 280 wide body that won best in Z class at JCCS and Nissfest last year. Red, white and blue. We must be in Merica! I am hoping BAT will post a write up on the sale that I submitted this weekend. If they don't, here are a few details. The seller is super cool, and the spare parts and documentation included with the car are awesome. Simple things like the Scarab key fob, Scarab watch and Scarab badging all push my happy buttons! The seller made several changes to the car to improve performance and reliability, but thankfully kept and included all of the original parts. I received the Muncie 4-speed, Scarab bell housing, R-200 diff (need to see if it is LSD. Hoping so!) original radiator and fan shroud, AC system parts, driving lights, Carter carburetor and intake manifold, distributor and original seat covers with the velvet inserts. Most exciting was an entire box full of Scarab magazine articles, owner documentations and receipts for parts. The original owner had the car from 1971-2007/8. I tried to look him up as I would have loved to talk with him about it but he passed away in 2017. I will try and reach out to his kids as they would have grown up with the car. He was a Dr. As with any new purchase, you get to make it your own, so my projects in order of priority to me are; 1. Remove hood scoop and repaint hood 2. Fix paint touch up job on passenger door 3. Rework exhaust to have rectangle tips coming out rectangle body cutout 4. Restore seats to Scarab original to match door panels 5. Reinstall driving lights or similar The 6-speed is nice to have, but unfortunately the center counsel was modified to make the shifter work. I am pretty OCD about stuff like that, so I will have to figure out a way to revise the shifter and get a new counsel or switch to a different transmission. I will be putting both V8 Z's on scales this week. Will be interesting to see the difference between the SBC swap and the LS swap. Will try and post a few "family photos". Much better with wrenches than I am with technology! Steve aka craZee
  8. Adam is going to be driving a Datsun 610 in the Coronado Speed Fest this weekend in San Diego. Group 5 has a splattering of 510's, roadsters and Adam's 610. Should be fun.
  9. Would take one (1) DATSUN for my 710 project if this becomes a reality. Did not see poll until it was closed. Steve
  10. That is exactly why it has been "sitting on his lot for 2 years"
  11. Thanks for the input everyone. It won't be hard to get a decal guy to make one of these, I am just amazed that no one is selling them anymore. They used to be everywhere. Steve
  12. Where can I get the DATSUN banner to go across the top of the windshield? Thought it would be easy to find but haven't sourced one yet. Hate to have a custom one plotted. Steve
  13. No problem. I am not a boat "expert" but I did own a direct drive ski boat up until a few years ago (Brendella).

    Hope it pans out for you. Are you in the Datsun parts business?


  14. Steve,

    I appreciate the offer, the deal may have fallen apart. I should know sometime today. If it is still a viable deal, I will take you up on your offer.

    Thanks again, Jerry Purcell

    Richmond, IN

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