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  1. Trips are nice when they are clean and synced etc., but sure SU's will do ya just fine. Find a clean L28 and maybe a 4:11 for the rear and go drive! j!
  2. Don't crank the cylinders without removing the plugs! If it's REALLY flooded at worst it will look like a water fountain at Vegas instead of trying to compress fluid ha. Had to do that to my first 510 when the rear end was on jack stands all night and the little Hitachi had a bad check valve. Who's the MSD guru, my car is not here at work with me.....?
  3. Please ask permission before using or distributing or re-bloging haha. j!
  4. N42 L28, 44mmPHH, MSD6AL, comp oil pump, header, ZCG heat shield.
  5. I talked to these guys on the phone, very helpful and I like the huge shank on their rose joints and the steel construction just makes me more comfortable then another companies aluminum versions ha. http://www.technotoytuning.com/productdetail.php?p=846