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  1. Should I be running Supreme Gasoline or high octance gas in my 1971 240z? I just rebuilt the engine and was wondering what kind of gas I should put in it?
  2. Ok So i set the timing on my 240z and it still is pinging!! Could it be to the fact that I dont have my PCV hose that goes from the balance tube to the block on it right now and that I have the PCV valve plugged???
  3. Ok so I cant find one of my choke cable screw harness that holds the choke cable to the SU carb. I have one but I lost the other. Does anyone have an extra I can buy or where do i get one?
  4. So whats the best distributor for my car? Should I just do a 280zx distributor?
  5. I have a 1971 Datsun 240z with the L24 block and I want a performance distributor. It currently has the orginial distributor on it. I set the timing on the damn thing and it still pings on me......I want to upgrade it....I looked at the Zstore.com. They were all really expensive.........any ideas where to get one for a good price.......and which one is going to do the best job
  6. kcoke

    Intake Help!

    Makes sense thanks a bunch everyone.
  7. kcoke

    Intake Help!

    ok it is #35 in the picture........where does it go?
  8. kcoke

    Intake Help!

    okay so i forgot to get some pictures today but there are two inlets into the balance tube that are in the middle of the tube. I plugged the one that is on the left and the other one that is right under the linkage arm is the other one that i have currently plugged.........Should i be plugging these?
  9. kcoke

    Intake Help!

    OK I am going to get some pictures tomorrow and post what i got........
  10. kcoke

    Intake Help!

    Ok So i am rebeuilding my 1971 Datsun 240 and I cant figure out where one line on the balance tube goes? I plugged it But i think it needs to be going to something. I replaced the od stock air filter with new K&N air cleaners. The hole on the balance tube that I have no clue where it goes is in the middle and it kinda points downward and it sucks in air. I currently have it plugged. Should i run it into the valve cover since the valve tube is not going to anything? (I have a K&N breather on the valve cover right now) Or should i keep it plugged? Another thought was does it go into the block? The block opening is bigger than the opening on the balance tube? It would have to be a custom hose If i run it into the block? Anyhelp would be great Keith
  11. Where can i get new 240z Linkage. I only need one piece..it is the piece that sits on the rod and spins.... Keith
  12. 71 Series I 4/71 Here and luvvin it!
  13. kcoke

    240z linkage

    Does anybody have some close up pictures of how the 240z linkage looks like from the firewall to the balance tube? My linkage is sticking............... I belive it is because I am missing a piece? Is there suppose to be a a metal piece with a rubber grommet in it? Please let me know Thanks
  14. What would be better for my L24? I Have a racing performance Cam with MSA 3 into 2 headers and electronic ignition. What would be better for my engine SU carbs or a set of triple carbs? Or even a 4 barrel conversion or the dual webers? I want to make my engine fast. Its a 1971 Datsun 240z. My goal is to smoke the stock GT's around.
  15. Yes I rebuilt the carbs and the chokes work. After I get it started and it has been running and turn it off it will start right up again. Its just the first time after it has been sitting around 8 hours or so.
  16. Ok So i just rebuilt my 1971 Datsun240z with all new mechanics and it runs well but everyday i go and start it it takes a while for it to start. I have to usually hold the gas pedal down to give it some gas to get going. Once it is started it runs well. What do i gotta do to get it to go at the first turn of the key?
  17. kcoke

    rough shifting

    I just swapt a 1979 280sx 5 spd in my 1971 240z and it is hard to shift. Its a good tranny it just is hard to shift. What do i do to get it to shift smooth?
  18. So i am rebuilding my 1971 Datsun 240z and its runs great except the linkage to the su carbs sticks sometimes. I believe its because there needs to be a rubber grommet of some sort on the mechanism on the firewall that holds the linkage (like a long circular tube). ANY HELP WHERE TO GET ONE?? Keith
  19. So I am looking for a good steel or fiberglass hood for my 1971 240z. Original would be great. It needs to be in pretty good condition. I dont want to have to bondo the thing. It can have paint chips scratches etc but I dont want a hood that has huge dings in it. Please let me know if you have one! Thanks Email is Kac86@sbcglobal.net
  20. I bought the 240z brake upgrade to the four piston calipers from motorsport and it didnt come with instrutions on how to install the pads to the calipers. I am kind of confused on how to install the pads. I know where the two metal rods go but I dont know where the little metal clips go PLEASE HELP!! KEITH
  21. I bought one from Auto Zone and the shaft rod was larger than the original rod. The cleavis Pin wouldnt screw on to the larger rod and I didnt know where to get a larger cleavis pin. I thought a new brake booster would come with the cleavis pin but I was wrong. I know my brake booster is bad because It has been in sorage for 14 years and all the fluid is dried up in it. Keith
  22. Does anyone have a good used brake booster that i can swap into my 4/1971 Datsun 240z. My original one is bad and it is hard to track down a new one that will fit without paying an assload. Keith p.s you can reach me at Kac86@sbcglobal.net
  23. Does any1 know where I can get a new or used brake booster for my 1971 Datsun 240z? I purchased one from Autozone and the one i got the shaft was too big. My original cleavage pin didnt work on it so i took it back. Do all the remanufactored brake boosters not come with the cleavage pin? And do they all come with larger shatfs compared to the originals? Whats the deal?? Thanks Keith
  24. I have my 240z 2.4 engine and 4 speend manual tranny sitting in my Fathers yard and he wants me to get rid of it. FREE. You just have to pick up in Redding California. WILL NOT SHIP. Not sure if it will run. Been sitting for 13 years In Car Port. Thanks Keith
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