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Insulation from sound/weather

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Been looking but its hard to get a good answer. so lets go from here.

I have a Z completely stripped of its interior, no carpet, no seats, no inner door panel, no nothing.

What are some good things to do to sound/weather deaden the car. Someone on the Ga Z club said there is some stuff you can buy at napa, sounded like black stuff you cut to shapes then adhere on with a heat gun. What do you guys use to make the car sound more solid, and be a little more resistant to cold weather seeping in the thin metal floor boards?

im having my doors redone right now so that the windows open/close easier and more correctly, and the door skinds replaced, and i figured he may know a way to fill holes with foam or something so they sound nice and solid... any tips for the rest of the car?

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not sure if you will ever get the doors to sound mercedes like but just replacing the fasteners and redoing the doors correctly helps alot, as far as the floors and tunnel areas , I am gonna use stuff called dynamat , its a sound deadening matterial that can be put on by heat gun or can be purchased with glue on one side already , BUT make sure where ever you put it there is no rust and the area is sealed up well otherwise it will retain moisture and could make for a rust problem and make sure not to cover up drain holes or areas that need to be left open to dry easily, its not cheap stuff , you can get it at car audio shops or crutchfield I think has it , you can use it on the door as well to help with sound, good luck Jeff:geek:

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Have you done a search on this site? i recall a lot of discussion about it a while back. I also seem to recall that there were many different materials being used for insulation/sound deadening.

here is one thread i've found


good luck,


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