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Looking for 240/early 260Z: help?


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Hi to all

I'm looking for a 240Z or early 260Z (with roundtops, mods to earlier specs) to buy. Electronic ignition a plus. Car must be rust free and clean. I need a car that can be driven without worry, with cold a/c, preferably a 5 speed mod (but 4 is okay) with good (but not concours) paint. I can keep up the maintenance or give what I'm not comfortable with to a shop I know well. But, what I don't want, and will not buy, is a "project" or "90% complete" or "just needs some TLC", etc. I will pay fairly for the right car, and a finder's fee is not out of the question. So, if you find anything (and I haven't found it first) please email me or PM me and let the search begin!

Thanks very much,

Tom Reynolds (kjtar@earthlink.net)

Hereford, AZ (80 miles southeast of Tucson)

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Check my thread titled"How do you find the value".Mine has all you require and more except for the A.C.I think I have that in a box.The jury is still out on if I sell or not until I find a true value.Let me know if I have sparked your interest.That could hurry me along.

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