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16inch + 14inch wheels


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sorry for keep on posting sale stuff here, but wats the point of putting in the for sale section, when the yanks won't understand that i'm in another country

I've got 2 sets of wheels here, that have been sitting here since i had my old Z, they both fit the Z, and look great...

one set are

16x7s Performance alloys

Tyres are gone, but are still on the rims,

no gutter scuffs, like new condition...

and they come new lug nuts, and look awesome on the Z

look at the attachments for the Pics

i test fitted them on my sprinter and they are to big, so give me a decent offer and take them away, i'll be able to drop them off at a freight company or watever, but you'll need to organise it

other set is

other set is

14x6 Mesh wheels, charcoal grey center, with alloy outer

these are a tad used, the edges have a bit of gutter marks, but otherwise in great condtion, i don't have nuts for these, bought them for my sprinter but i want 15s.

i want at least $300 for these, as i paid a bit more than $300 but willing to take a loss,

i can drop off at a freight company if you want etc etc, same as other wheels

I need money for my Sprinter CA18det conversion... I'm in the western side of melbourne,

give me a call on 0407835884

email on [email protected]

or reply here






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