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RamFlo air cleaners and Fuel System

Frank's Red 240

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Hey guys, I just bought some RamFlo air cleaners for my early '71. I have only one connection in question: With the early type evaporative emmissions control (the fuel system, not smog stuff), a line runs from the stock air cleaner housing to the FLOW GUIDE VALVE. According to Haynes, this valve serves to let air into the fuel tank to prevent vacuum as fuel exits the tank. The question: can I leave that valve "in the breeze?" subsequently, would it benefit from some sort of filter? while I'm asking questions, does anyone have an opinion on whether the valve cover breather needs a filter? Thanks!

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well, since nobody seems to have much to say, I will answer my own questions for future gearheads to benefit from. Be CAREFUL ordering stuff from motorsport. The bolts supplied with my cleaners were s.a.e. instead of metric. The fittings supplied were of no use. I blocked the holes on the backs of the cleaner covers with light sheet steel (from a can of imported tomatoes, no less) and good ol' JB weld. The float bowl breathers on my roundtops are in the breeze, and so is my flow guide valve (the thing that fills the gas tank w/air to maintain pressure). Aphex had run his float bowl breathers back to the cleaners like the stock setup, but it doesn't seem neccessary. The car runs better and has more power over the entire range of RPM. My valve cover vent has a breather, but my PCV is still connected to the balance tube. I'm going to check into that soon, because I suspect that putting a fresh air breather on the PCV will give more power. Now I wonder: will anyone ever read this????

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I read it.

FYI most of the active members of 240Z.org don't visit the site too often. We communicate with each other via the E-mail List. Try joining us (click on button on right side of home page) either as a regular member or to the "digest" version. You'll probably get quicker, and more info.

Just my $.02


Carl Stahlnecker

72 240Z "Bambikiller"



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