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Altenator not working right?


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Do you have an amp or volt guage working in the dash? If it's amp, check to see if the pointer is left of the middle line. If it's a volt guage, be sure it is around 13 volts. I think you can take the cable off and that might work too. My suggestion, shell out a few bucks for a volt meter, it's well worth the cost.

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Probably your alt. It should always be a little over to the right.

Yes, pulling the positive lead while the car is running will always work. Make sure you turn on your Headlights with the brights on.

If you have dim lights and your engine is still running that's telling you that your alt is weak is probably will do great with a rebuild.

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Well, now we know your alt is bad.

Make sure you put your batt on charge if you have a charger to keep it hot.

You might want to think about going with a GM upgrade. I think it's T120. search around there's a lot of info. Personally I use the stock Nissan replacements. I have no need for any extra power.


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