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??New?? Heater Core


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OK, question needing opinions:

I bought a heater box with a "new" core and valve on e-bay. Advertised, and confirmed before bidding that the core and valve were installed on a project car, but never used (one more project car that never made it to the street). Supposedly, it sat for several years with the cooling system filled, but was never run, so the core was filled with coolant, but never heated or pressurized. Now, see the picture attached. Opinions on whether the corrosion seen on the straight nipple, and the deposits in the curved one could have come from sitting idle and filled with coolant for several years? Note that the valve looks very good. Clean, smooth operation, etc. The outside of the heater core is very clean. If I decided to use this, and if it really has never been pressurized, should it be "good as new", or could significant internal corrosion occur just sitting there? I really don't want to have to pull the core a few years down the road because I made a mistake here!

All opinions welcome!



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Only way it would be in "as new condition" is if it had never been out of the box or had any coolant in it.

There will always be some corrosion as antifreeze has more than one corrosive ingredient...whether it's from contact with outside air or steel, aluminum, or copper.

All in all, I'd say it's possible it is new and that is just corrosion from having anti-freeze in it for a long period of time.


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