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Nissan racing on Spike TV


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Did anybody happen to catch The Super 2ner show today (Sept 28) on the Spike network? I flipped it on with 10 minutes to go only to find out they were doing the show from what looked like the Nissan Garage in California. I guess the whole show was on the history of Nissan racing.

The hosts of the show seem to be annoying little rice boys but I wish I had known the topic so I could have set it up to record. I've set all the episodes running this week to record hoping they replay it. :stupid:

If you saw it let us know if they covered the real Z :cheeky:

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C'mon.. you really watch that show?ROFL

I usually use the mute button so I don't have to listen to "Mutt and Jeff" and you can watch every episode for a month and only see one or two decent cars...every once in a while you'll see a little segment showing Sentra's or S14's or Z32's.... but i have yet to see a real Z on there.

Caught part of a replay episode of Nopi-Tuner vision or whatever it's called... now that hostess is.. well.... let's just say the episode was at a car show in Maryland and she interviewed a guy in the parking lot from Virginia who had a really sweet looking Skyline....

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Yea , I saw most of the show, but not really much on Z's. They interviewed Adam Corolla, who used to be one of the hosts of The Man Show, who's a datsun nut and had a BRE 510 replica race car. Had a more modern SJ20? engine in it. That was the bomb! Loved to have had that!:love:

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