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Uncle Punchy

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thanks to all.....

now i got somthing to work on this weekend.....

can i just run marvel mystery oil or tranny fluid all the time?.....or should have the sae 20 required.....

somebody told me that i was sapossed to put power steering fluid in it.....this may be one of the many problems....

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DO NOT use power steering fluid! or tranny fluid. The power steering fluid can damage the delicate seals in the carb dashpot and tranny fluid is to thick! it will not allow the plunger to drop and will stay open. Trust me on this one... I was in a pinch once and... well you can read about it in the campfire stories. Good luck. ;)

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The SAE20 oil is listed in the Motorsport Auto (MSA) catalog. Gear oil, no way! ATF can be used and was supposed to be the hot ticket to improve throttle response back in the day. I have never tested with this. I honestly don't remember what I used last, I think it was a 20 weight sewing machine oil, light hydrolic jack oil, or a 30 weight engine oil.

I am going to try the MSA SAE20 oil when I change it next.

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Since the book says sae20.Use sae20.I bought my 73 240 new.I used ATF from 1973 thru 1985.That was what the "datsun" dealer was using.NEVER had a moments trouble.I later found some sae20 and went with that.As far as using the marvel mystery oil.I have some very knowledgeable engine technician friends that swear marvel IS ATF.Of course who knows the mystery.Look at them side by side and you'll go HUH!!NEVER USE power steering fluid. Daniel

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