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qwick help please.. i wanna drive tonight!!


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hey guys

got a 79 280zx i just put on a new (reman) clutch master cyl.

and slave cyl. and the thing wont bleed out...


im getting air back and forth at the slave cyl. but still no fluid coming through:angry: i have it on car ramps right now so im going to try again see what's what

any tricks i'm missing..?



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There is probably air trapped in the master cylinder. Try opening the bleeder on the slave cylinder just a very little bit, and pump the clutch pedal a couple times. Opening the bleeder slightly will give a little backpressure on the master and hopefully that will get the trapped air out. Most times, after the air is bled out of the master cylinder, you can open the bleeder on the slave and the fluid will feed through with just gravity.

Just be sure to keep the master cylinder full while you are bleeding the slave cylinder or you'll end up starting all over.

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