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Interchange guide/book


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For some things you can use almost any online salvage yard look up, IE;


all of the yards subscribe to the same interchange database (The Hollander Interchange) it is correct for most major assemblies-not little pieces, interior, trim, or wiring. It will not tell you that a L24 can be repolaced by a L28ET, but it will give you strictly bolt (those requiring absolutely no modification) on interchange info from similar cars of close model years

I had a link to a boneyard udgrade list, but it is now dead,

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the interchange book I remember seeing was just to tell yuou what parts from other cars were suitable for swap, like brakes, trans, etc.

BTW, On your web site, the term "roadster" is incorrect. I have it from an "expert" that a roadster is an open-air cockpit car. LOL

some people...:disappoin

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Some people(I do too!) call a 1968 Datsun 2000 a ROADSTER. Mine just happens to have a removeable hardtop on it at the moment! Next, I suppose you will tell me that any convertible with its top up is not a roadster either!

Shees, there IS one-er, two in every group...

I would (post a Monty Python sound byte) in your general direction, but MP3s are not valid attatchments here!

I remember a Site that had something to the effect of "Would you shop for performance parts at the junkyard?" in its metatags that had a list of easily exchanged parts for our cars, but I haven't tripped over it lately-that goofy Google-do what I mean, not what I say...

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