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Once upon a time when I redid my gas tank I replaced my gas gauge sending unit.Since then the actual fuel level reading has been wrong.Twice I have run out with the gauge showing fuel.Well,yesterday was the fix day.I knew the level was low enough to remove the tank unit.Just in case I had a few buckets close at hand.The unit has a small set screw where the float arm attaches.Thats the adjustment.When full it was way full.About 1/2 meant you're pressing your luck.I used a couple of clothes pin to hold it full,empty and half for test.When done testing I showed 1/4 tank.Ok a 16 gallon tank I should be able to add about 12 gallons or so.Went to the gas station. 13 gallons and the pump clicked off.I am a happy man!!!

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Thanks for the hint Daniel. My gauge reads almost to Full after filling up, but drops very quickly once headed down the road. But it will sit just above empty for almost 100 miles! Since my tank is out being "Renu"-ed right now, I'll head home and see if I can adjust it some.

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Glad to help kmack.I thought about our previous discussion about this and with all the recent post about tanks I wanted to offer the tip .Make sure to allow time for the gauge to find it's reading as they move real slow.Oh, BIG TIP< I turned it by moving the screw slot on the arm.I didn't want to tamper with any of that small wire and miniture contact patch stuff.

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