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Hood Vents


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I have a question about the hood vents on my car.I have a early model 77 280.On the drivers side the hood vent has a cover under the hood that catches the rain,leaves etc and prevents them from going into the engine compartment.On the passenger side there isn't one.Should the car have one? when I bought it the fusible link covers were dry rotted and cracked due to the weather and other things coming in.Did the car (when it was original) have a cover under the passenger side vent? i would appreciate anyone who knows replying.I am about to order new vents and need to know if I should hunt down another cover also.Thanks to all who reply.

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If this "tray" is only on the driver side, sounds like it is a turbo hood. I just saw one yesterday while at the local Pick n' Pull. It had this humongus L28 block still in the engine bay with Nissan Turbo on the valve cover. The hood had vents in it with the so-called tray on the driver side where the turbo would have been.

Hope this summed up your question, maybe someone else might know what it really is.

Good Luck,


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