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e bay blues


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Well finally I figured out I'm screwed.

Bought my 75-280 off ebay and it said 90K original

miles. Paid full "buy it now" price cause it was low miles !!

Have had it a few months, and although it is now running well

after lots of tuneup work, its still burning oil and making smoke.

Have changed valve stem seals,etc. no change !

Finally contacted original owner and lo and behold, actual milage

is 190K.

Contacted ebay seller, advised him of the mistake in advertisement, no response. (imthepappy)

Contacted ebay. Since seller cancelled auction early to sell to

me (due to a timing fluke and as a favor ) they (ebay) won't

post a negative feedback on the seller.

So guess I'm screwed into doing a re-ring job to stop the

oil smoking.

Just venting a frustation... thought that the seller would be

man enough to admit to a big mistake and make a small token

gesture to make things right. Afterall, he bought it for 750, put

a clutch in and sold it for 3,500. Thats pretty good profit. All I

asked for was 250 back, to buy the parts!!

Thanks, Julio Sanchecz!! I'll remember this !!:mad:

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Although a much smaller item, I had a similar screw job done on me on Ebay when I bid on a glove door including a "good" hinge as he described. What I received was a glove door that had about 1/2 inch of plastic left on one hinge and the rest were totally separated. I emailed the guy and told him what I received and that I would like a refund(wasn't much, maybe 15-20 dollars) and then sent a picture of it to him so he could verify that it was his(he said he marked it so he could tell). I was absolutely civil and did not accuse him of deliberately sending me a broken part, but I did tell him that I would have to give him a negative feedback if he was not going to make things right. He then sent me several threatening emails, telling me I was an asshole and that he was going to give me a negative review if I gave him one. So I gave him negative feedback, and he dreamed up something negative to put in my feedback. I wish they gave enough room in feedback to truly tell what someone is like to deal with. There are some real low budget mentalities on Ebay. Sorry you got burned, but these z engines are tough(mine had 100,000 miles when I bought it, but had sat for 20 years, so I decided right off to rebuild it without starting it. Bore, crank, pistons, and rods all measured well within stock tolerances and block deck was flat. No taper in bore. Honed it, new rings, new rod and crank bearings, polished crank, put in new timing set(didn't have to), oil pump, of course new gasket set,and did valve job. Runs great. So take heart. Victor.

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On the other side of the coin, I bought a set of carb kits for my SUs , round tops , and what I received was a set for the FLAT TOPS , they were described as for the Round top units. Contacted the seller and received a full refund, of cource I did send him the set back. Some people are honest , Sorry for your loss. I hope the rest of the Z is good. Gary

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