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Question on heater core replacement


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I had some antifreeze leaking on the passenger floormat and assumed that it was either the heater hoses or the valve so I replaced them. After putting it back together I noticed that it was the core itself leaking around a fitting! I have an extra core that is already out of my parts car. I hooked it up to a compressor and shot about 35 psi into it while it was submerged in a laundry tub. There was no air bubbles from the core. Is this a good enough test for it or should I take it to a radiator shop to have it checked? Also I had planned to swap the dash in the car with my parts car dash, is it easier to change the heater core while the dash is out?

Thanks again for any input on this!


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but you dont have to, if your small framed you should be able to do it without removing the dash.

as far as the core i would say it is good enough, but if i remember correctly they arent that expensive from the parts store if you want to be comepletly sure.

also where are you at in pittsburgh im in uniontown, just southwest of pitt

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Hey ZmeFly I'm in Export, between Greensburg and Monroeville. Maybe we can get together sometime once I get the car together. I just painted it so I have to put the lights, bumpers, etc. back on. I decided to change gears a little and work on the interior a little (heater, carpets, etc.). I was wondering if you had any ideas on this. I am getting a leak through the bottom of the doors on to the floorboards. You can see the water on the door seals dripping in to the car. The leak is in both doors about 1/3 of the way from the front. I've replaced the door seals, windshield gasket, and chrome stripping with the little rubber strip on top of the door that seals the window on the outside. I've also checked the front cowl area and there is no holes or leaks. It has me stumped.



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that are one the door?

if memory serves they are suppose to stave off the water from going inside. you might also want to check your door alignment as well.

heh you in export, thats only about an hour away from me. i might have to take a drive up there and take a look at and could even lend you a hand with your Z.

i miss my 71 i sold :cry: i regret getting rid of it but well you know how that goes. love to hook up sometime there arent many Z lovers in pa thats for sure.

take care.

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