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New carbs, wont start


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Just installed some dual SU's from a 240Z in my K-car and lo and behold they don't just work like a good obedient set of carbs! Life is never easy!!!

It cranks over, and gets some spark, but nothing else... not even a hint of wanting to start. Tried some "Start ya bastard" but to no avail...

Any thoughts? :disappoin

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Well, she's running!!!!!!

Once she gets up and going (past 2000) everything seems sweet, just if you let it go down to idle it'll konk out... like running on 3 perhaps

But, it's now idling at 1000 and seems to be driveable.

I'm going to take it to a place to get them properly tuned and if there is anything else that is causing the roughness then they can sort that out too. This is where my dad and my mechanical expertise ends!

The sound brings back memories of the Zed... :tapemouth :cry:

Here's a pic for interest. Not very clean I know, but I'm not complaining, she kept the rest of the car perfect :classic: Pity she didn't buy a Zed instead hehehe


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If when you blip the throttle with the engine at idle and warmed up , does it pop back through the carbs ? If it does this turn the mixtrue adjustment clock wise 1/2 turn ,if this dosent do it . You need to ballance the air intake of each carb , for this y ou need a uni-sun . I dont think the engine is running rich and the extra 1/2 turn should help to keep it from dying. Try to find a manual this will be of great help, especially a shop manual.

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