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front flasher/parking light doesnt flash when parking light on


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Hi all,

you will think I'm a right wally for asking this, but since some idiot wrote off my Silvia, I have been using my zed ('73) as my daily (nightly!) driver. I noticed at roundabouts, when turning right, a disconcerting amount of people weren't slowing down for me, so I checked that my blinkers were all working. Side indicators are all fine & so are the front flasher/parking light combos until I switch the headlights (or just parking lights) on. Is this normal? (I doubt it!). If not, does anyone have any idea on what could be wrong?

I am getting stick of sticking my hand out the window to do bikies signals as it is winter here & bloody cold!

Any help appreciated,



PS with regard to the hazard light issue, my zed is a '73 and i'm stuffed if I can find mine - where is the switch? - or maybe mine is too early a 73 which doesn't actually have them (this would be much better for my ego!)

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On my '73 the hazzard lite switch is a big arse knob under the cig lighter, you can't miss it if it's there :)

I suspect that your flasher problem is a bad ground, with all of the lites on there is too much resistance to draw enough current through the flasher and make it switch on and off. Check all of your body grounds at the lites and elsewhere.

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