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R200 LSd Q's

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Not an expert on the lsd, but if youy shimmed it out too much it would cause more than normal wear and tear on the diffy. I think the factory break-away torque is set to 42 ft lbs.

As far as the 260 axel shafts, do you have the r-180 or r-200 rearend?

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interested to hear anyone who has done this conversion re latter r 200 diff into 240 or 260 cars hear all different stories about ok if you use r200 diff output shafts to earlier axles and some that you can modify cv axles to suit

anyone done this please tell


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I had the clutches in my Skyline's R200 replaced (the tolerances are very fine) & it's been shimmed up to 90ft/lbs breakaway. Any more than that (another 3 thousandths) and it was locked.

(this diff was completely open when I got the car)

My Z diff is set at 65ft/lbs with the original clutches just reversed.

Get someone who knows clutch-type LSD's to build it for you.

The OEM setting of ~45ft/lbs is too loose for a high-power performance application.

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Since we have been referring to clutch plates (rather than a viscous centre), it's all too easy.

If your 260Z is already equipped with an R200, then all you will have to do is change over the tailshaft flange & bolt it in (the flange controls pinion-height so it has to be torqued correctly).

If you have an R180 equipped 260Z, then you wil need all the mounting gear from a car that already has an R200.

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