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I just bought a pair of door seals for my 73 from MSA and I noticed that they have no metal clip as has been described in previous posts. All there is is the rubber seal, and I don't see a good way to attach it to the body. Do you have to scrape the old rubber off the old clip and and use it to attach the new seal, or is there a clip that I'm supposed to order to use with the new seal. I don't really see a good way to attach the new seal without a clip so that the headliner vinyl and rubber are both held tightly to the body. Any advice here would be appreciated. Thanks, Victor.

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I know hindsight is 20/20, but you should have ordered the seal kit for a 280 instead of a 240. The 280 seals come with the rubber seal already attached to the metal clip strip. It's a one piece design and the whole thing just snaps in place.

As for what to do now? I don't have any answers for that as I've never had to do it. You might see if you could return the seals you have for the later model versions.

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