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fuel gauge fix?


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Hi all, during my Z's winter sleep, i'd like to get the fuel gauge to

> operate again! My 73 was simply loose/corroded wires at the

> sender. Now the

> 74 doesn't work, but i need a reminder to diagnose/fix.

> It seems i removed the leads at the sender, and either grounded

> one or both

> to frame, or connected the two together- the gauge climbed fo

> "Full" -cleaned/lubed & put it back together & it works fine...But the 74

> remains dead no matter what i do.

> So where to start?I assume the sender is ok, since the gauge remains dead

> when the sender is not part of the circuit- fuses *seem* okay, but maybe

> i'll replace 'em anyway. What next- check wires at the back of the gauge?

> Any test i am not aware of? Can i run juice directly through the gauge to

> test it? Any and all help/hints/info is welcomed (as always!) Thanks all,

> Zya

> Jeremiah Axtell (in cold NY)

> 3/73 240

> 10/74 260

> 72 GT-6 (not as bad as you would think!)


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yes you can apply battery +/- to the gauge to test.it should go full and stay.If it doesn't move or "floats"remove the gauge,remove the plastic face and remove the tiny screws that hold the gauge face on.You'll then see what looks like a tiny set of points.Carefully clean them with a burnishing tool (ultra fine emory board/radioshack) and recheck gauge.All the guages work the same.The points that work my temp and oil pressure,I cleaned and that stopped the "float".When I put 12v to my open fuel gauge I could see a small arc across the points.I had to solder a wire across the point to fix it as the points were gone.I assume the point deal was to make for easy factory assembly.My wire around has worked great since I did it in about 1980.Be very careful.I felt like a heart surgeon.They are fragile.

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Thanks for the tip!

i found i had a 280 amp/fuel gauge in a parts box, so i switched them today- good news, fuel gauge works, bad news, amp appears not to. 280 gauge has 3 more wires than the 260, i put in the 280 for now, but i'll mess with the 260 gauge now that i have a clue what to try. Thanks a bunch! Jeremiah:)

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  • 2 weeks later...

as a follow-up:

took apart the gauge as mentioned- i emery boarded the contacts (basically a set of points), and checked it with a 6V flashlight battery. Sho 'nuf, it worked again!

I am psyched, and thank you all for your help with this. Anyone like me who may be afraid to dive into this- just do it, it would be hard to screw it up, i think. Jeremiah

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