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fuse box / headlights problem


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I just fixed my fused box on my 73' 240z but the head lights are still out.. the blinkers and the flashers still work.. the box had a melt down so i fixed it with that moldible tube epoxy. did i do anything wrong?



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Unless I'm reading your post wrong, it SOUNDS like you fixed the plastic box, NOT the electrical problem that CAUSED the box to meltdown in the first place. You need to fix the functionality first, then worry about the cosmetics.

Usually when the fuse box melts it is because of:

  1. failure of a component, which may cause resistance & generate heat in the circuit
  2. corrosion of wires or connections/connectors, which will cause resistance & generate heat
  3. overloading of circuits with more demand for power than the circuit was designed to deliver safely, which will generate heat
    Sadly, I am not an expert on troubleshooting, so I cannot advise much except that you need to know what demands you are placing on the circuit that melted (did you add something that requires more power than the circuit can safely deliver?), need to examine all of the connections and clean them (maybe even solder them) throughly, and make sure that all components in the circuit are functioning properly and not drawing excess current though the circuit.
    HTH somewhat
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