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What is this thing on my exhaust pipe ?


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While doing some cleaning on my 75 280 today i noticed that the exhaust pipe just below the firewall a cover over it, it has holes in it and is bolted on, I assume it might be a heat barrier but don't know for sure, it's very loose and moves around easily, the bolts are probably frozen on. Can anyone tell me what the purpose of it is and the consequences of removing it. Thanks.

Bobby Hunter

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I have a California model 75-280, that had the factory

cat converter.

The item your discribing sounds like a heat sheild on the

headpipe section of the exhaust.

Its not on mine so your pipe may be an aftermarket unit.

In any case, yes it sounds like a heat shield, if the rattling

noise is too much tighten it up, but I don't thint its removal

is of concern.

Z-On ...:classic:

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Thanks for the info NH, I got the car new in Hawaii & the headpipe is the original and not an aftermarket item. It has me curious as to what the heatshield is supposed to be protecting. I will try to tighten it up but more than likely the bolts are frozen on...will replace them if need to.


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