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Fading lights then complete power loss

240z Titan

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Hello everyone! I would really appreciate advice on this ASAP!

I have a '72 240z. About a week ago I noticed that my headlights were not as brite as they normally are, then today, the car just lost power while I was driving. :cry:

Moments before total power loss, the radio would go on and off as I pressed the brake (brake lights going on). Any idea if this is a major problem or is it a generator / alternator issue??

Many thaks!!!

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sounds like a alternator to me. Take it to auto zone or kragen they will go out to your z and test your system for free. call around first because I have found that not all the stores have this testing equipment.

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The quick answer is ALT.I've had that also.I would suggest cleaning the battery terminals on BOTH ends battery/car to ensure the battery had a clean path to charge also is the alt belt just loose?Did the fuse or fusable link just get old and weak and burn up?.Should the alt not be the answer next would be voltage reg.My first thought is that you are just throwing parts at the problem in hopes of a fix,I wish you the best luck, and if it hasn't been replaced it would be a suggested future project anyway.That doesn't mean I would continue my troubleshooting in that fashion unless you have VERY deep pockets.Replace the belt also.While you're there----

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