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Vg 30


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but honestly why would you want to go threw all that work and pain in the balls installation, when you could just throw in a 81-83 turbo and get a good 300 + horses:cool: the vg30 in any form is a pita, unless you just wanna be different i wouldnt do it:finger: or unless you just have money that you can throw away, then in that case gimme some eheROFL

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It is a difficult job, but the torque of the engine and the streetability of it is well worth it. I have a vg30det in my zed and it is a very nice thing to drive now. It makes 300 hp at the rear wheels and has no internal mods to it at all. Just a 3 inch exhaust, intercooler and an aftermarket engine management system.

It weighs more than original by about 100kgs, but some of that is due to the electric seats, windows and other parphenaelia that has been thrown into it.

It does 0-100kph in 5.6 secs and the 1/4 mile in 13.2 secs



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