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78Z or 81ZX 5-speed swap?


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OK, in my '70 240Z, the 4-speed trans is already not original, and reverse gear has some problems. So, while I have the entire car disassembled, I'm planning on replacing it. I have a '78 280Z in the garage with a 5-speed that I'm planning on using in the 240Z. Found today that the only Z in the local wrecker yard is a 81 280ZX. I know absolutely nothing about the car yet, but my question is, if the 81ZX has a 5 speed still in it, would that be a better choice than the one from the '78 280Z? I intend to leave the rest of the driveline original.

Thanks for any opinions.

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If you plan on using the stock 3:36 rear, you'd probably be better off with the 78 trans as it won't have as high an overdrive as the ZX 5 speed does....

I've got a thread in the tech articles with the gear ratios so you can do the math and decide for yourself....

unless you want to look for an "A" model 4 speed to put it back to original... I've got a couple if you decide to go that way...:devious:

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