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Coilovers for 240Z


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How much money do you have? Or how much research and legwork are you willing to do?

There are several painless conversions available for $$$....Ground control, Arizona Z Car etc..... hell, i think even MSA has a set.

Or you can do it the hard, cheap way...Carerra and others sell all the parts for very cheap, but you have to figure out what to get. Then there's strut length to think about to.

I'm in the process of building my own adjustable height set-up as we speak, and I am feeling my way through it from several years of web surfing, bumming info off people who have done it, and hands on comparisons and experiments with spare parts. So I can't really comment because if it doesn't work, I will feel really stupid!

Good luck!


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I'm to the point were I'm ready to spend around $300 for a USED "premium" set-up (Ground Control, Arizona Z Car , ect..) or for all the pieces to make a great set-up.

I'm building an Improved Touring car... So, I've emailed Carerra to see if they will provide technical advice of what I need for full a track/race set-up "parts list". Hopfully I get an answer, of which I will post for others who are as lost as I am... At least you are going for it...

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