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anyone here in the Omaha area ??


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my wife and I spent last week in the Omaha, Nebraska area. We're going to be moving there in August, so we went up to find a house.

anyway, while I was there, I didn't see a SINGLE 1st gen Z. I saw a couple 350s, and a handful of 300s. we did see an S130 that was in pretty good shape. other than that, NOTHING !!

am I going to have the only old Z in town ??????????

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Originally posted by SledZ

Hey "Tooch" You wont be I'm working on getting mine ready! Steve from Papillion

good to know. we bought a place in La Vista, right about where 72d and Giles cross. Ardmore East.

you'll see it driving around there in 2 months !!

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When I left Offutt in 1980, there weren't many early Z's around Omaha and I took a very nice '71 to Athens, Greece from there. Not a great move as the Z got totaled (as I almost did) less than two blocks from home. In a couple or three years I plan on doing a driving tour with my Z and will be visiting some of the many friends I still have in the area. Hope you're still there.:classic:

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Yep Housing is cheap compared to the rest of the country, but has risen alot in the last few years. I moved from Virginia back in 89 and bought a mansion for the same price as the measly house I had there, plus a great yard. But you gota get used to 4 seasons! So I restore snomobiles also!!

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