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I posted in another thread on air cleaners and had a funny thought. I've not been a purist in my Z ownership which may have had an effect on my feelings of "originality". Here's a couple of shots of my engine bay, then 2015 (but it hadn't changed since 1993) and now 2022. Interesting...





Yea, I changed a couple of things.

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At first I was thinking of doing the valve cover in red too but now I think maybe an anodized black with the raised lettering and ribs in the aluminum like they are. Then the hoses and plug wires would have a little more pop. I'm old and come from the hot rod era but when I saw the 240Z in '71, I thought "now there's a car!". Then in '73 at 22 I was able to get one, loved it and have had a 240Z ever since (probably close to 250,000 240Z lifetime miles so far).

Edit: correction, probably more like 180,000 240Z miles, forgot I bought this one used in 1990, so of course it already had miles on the clock.

Edit 2: I can see 9 changes between then and now but I can't tell how many changes there are between showroom and "then".

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