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What's needed for an R200 4.11 differential swap on an '78 280Z?


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I found an 200SX Turbo in a junkyard with an complete R200 4.11 differential. Is this an LSD differential?

I decided it would be a great swap for my automatic tranny 280Z.

What parts are necessary for a complete swap?

I heard that for an 280Z it's a direct bolt on, but is it really?

Do I have to mess with the speedometer or need any other parts other than JUST the differential?

Also in this junkyard there are several 300ZX turbo's sitting out there. I have read about this swap here...

but i'm not sure on the difficulty or ease of the install and things required for the swap.

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The swap should be a stright accross swap . 411 behind an automatic, you will be spinning some serious RPMs on the hwy. I am running a auto also and am going with a 370 I think a 390 would be perfect for an auto. as far as LSD I doubt vary much. I am installing the R-200 in a 240 . and all I needed was a front cross member and mustash bar from the 280 . so you should be able to swap stright accross. Get the speedo gear from the donor car , that will need to be changed , you can just change the gear and use the present carrier . the LSD had a aluminum back cover that had to be changed . Good luck Gary:classic:

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I think you would be much happier with the 390 . If you were to change to a late 5speed then the 411 would be good. As for the 390 , check out this web site geocities.com/zgarage2001/engine.html I think you will find a treasure chest of information you are looking for. Gary:classic:

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Originally posted by PrOxLaMuS©

damn, how much was that to ship.. wow

Not sure, I think it was around $150.00. It weighed 93.2 lbs, and

is probably in non-UPS container. I paid a flat $600.00 for the Diff + shipping. (UPS Ground)

If I remember, I'll post the shipping details when I get the Diff.


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If you check the Nissan 280ZX manual you will find 280ZX 2+2 only had three diffs. 3.7 3.9 and 3.54 and if my memory is correct pinion vs crown were 37:11 37:10 and 39:10. My 280 auto runs 3000 rpm at 100 km/h 4000 rpm at 140 and I run 16x205x55 series and the speedo is spot on.

In the internet pages is a page showing all tyres sizes wheel sizes roling cirumference and speed difference, i just cant find it for you as I have too many short cuts..

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