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Rust Prevention Tips


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Like many others, I'm in the process of doing a thorough restoration of an early Z. Although my car was spared many of the nasty rust infections I want to be sure this thing won't have problems down the road. So I was thinking of starting this thread where people could list fixes to improve factory pitfalls on these cars (sorry if this was already done). I guess I'll just list some to start off.

Seam Sealer: USE IT, the factory sure didn't use enough in the right places

Jute padding: I don't know about the rest of you, but this factory brown bread insulation stuff gives me the heebie jeebies. Everytime a storm comes through and I track water into the cabin from getting in and out this stuff soaks up the water like a sponge and never fully dries. GET RID OF IT! Use some other sound/heat insulation

Better drainage: I just read a post on rusted out rocker panels (where the front fender bolts), and a member suggested extending the drainage tube for the cowl all the way to under the car istead of behind the fender.

Any other helpful rust tips? I'd appreciate it before I get to the final stages on my Z, and I'm sure so would many of the rest of us.

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In order to try to maintain all postings regarding RUST PREVENTION inter-connected, I'm going to post a few URL's from prior discussions we've had.

This way, when someone pops on and wants to add to an existing, or post a new, we can link them with each other.

If others can think of other Rust Prevention links that should be added, please chime in.

Enrique Scanlon

Rocker Panel Rust Prevention and Retrieving Rivet Pins:


Cowl Drain and Front Fender Rocker Area Rust:


Avoiding Rust Traps: (THIS posting's prior incarnation.)


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hello , I am in the process of striping all the paint on my Z,one section at a time finished the door last night and sprayed it with rust converter and this morning it had flash rust all over the door how do I get rid of this? also can I use primer from a can such as Rustoleum? any info would be appreciated.

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