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Here is a picture of a id-tag on 1975 kgt . khlgc110. Seems to be number 000288. These cars are rare here in Finland. Is there anything special about this car? I know that it was imported to Finland in 1977 by a UN peacekeeper.


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Strange that it is number 288 in 1975! I guess since they never sold it in America there wouldn't be very many LHD cars around...

Mine is 3292 and it comes from 1973, the year they were introduced!

Please buy it, then we can be K brothers :D

btw here is my ID tag, did someone spill brake fluid on this or what!??!?!


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MMmmmmm.. something might be special!

Strange that your lettering seems to be printed by hand (note the difference in the 8's) whereas mine is machine-printed. Also, notice that my engine number is higher than this ones, but mine is definitely a 1973!

Is it advertised as "original engine!!" by any chance???

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Geeezz that's a bit, I suppose their rarity must be worth something...

Personally I would leave it alone. But if you think you're up to a bit of a project go for it!!! I warn you though, parts might be hard to find and expensive.

But why do you want it?

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My Z is crying for a brother...:) Well it does have a small big bro now..(510 -70)

I think that kgt is maculine and nice looking piece of metal...One day I am going to get one....This time I might have to pass due to my wife and financial situation....510 and z take a big piece of my money pie:)

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I have not been buying lotto tickets for some time now...

I thought that there could be something special in this particular car if I was so lucky....No way. You never know unless you dig around...

It is funny that the vin is so low while the car is supposed to be -75???

There is on fairlady z 2+2 here in finland that is some kind of rarity because it has been moved around and it is originally from Japan...here is pic of it


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The VIN number is low because its LHD. They made very few LHD cars compared to RHD cars in that model. Remember that the LHD and RHD models had their own number sequences.

The "H" in the VIN refers to the L24 engine - which is what the "P30" number on the engine block also denotes.

The L24 engines had their own number sequence no matter what they were fitted to - so the engine numbers are consequently difficult to follow unless you are looking at an HLS30 and referring to data for US-import Z cars.

I wouldn't want to have the task of looking for parts for this particular car. Hen's teeth and rocking-horse S**t come to mind!

Alan T.

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Oh they're there now. :)

Wow, something special!!! Looks like GL tail lights, but instead of the indicators being onthe outside they're on the inside and the brake lights are on the outside. Very strange indeed as I've never seen this before! Possibly a custom job? Or maybe something more special...

Nice steering wheel, want to give it to me <g>

The interior looks pretty OK, those don't look like 240K seats though...


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  • 1 month later...

Not againt the C110 but that example is in pretty bad shape.

Unless you have spares, and access to others to wreck parts, restoring this is going to be very difficult and expensive, never mind that panel work required!

The seats in there are quite common here in Australia, I think mine have them or a previous one had them.

It took me over a year to get original undented chrome surrounds, panels, grilles, bumpers, for my C110 and it's not like you can't find them here in Australia. If I had a coupe in good condition I'd prefer that to a sedan anyday, but good coupes are hard to get.

If you find examples of a C110 Coupe hard to find in Finland, don't bother with that, unless like I said, money isn't a factor!


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