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Parts Wanted: Fair price paid for 240z parts I need

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Fair price paid for 240z parts I need

ztrans.JPGHi, I am attempting to restore to a high standard, a 6/1971 240z.  Here is my wish list of parts I'd like to track down:

  • original radiator without automatic transmission cooler fittings - need upper and lower tanks to be in good to condition for the radiator to be usable
  • seat recline knobs (not cracked) -- item #6 in the picture here: http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978/body-240z/seat-slide/type-1-adjuster-seat/6
  • metal engine fan blade assembly and possibly mounting hardware
  • Amco - aftermarket rubber floor mats
  • 4 pieces - rubber trim glued to corners of tool door compartments (compartments are in the front of the rear hatch deck/floor area)
  • original 14" Bridgestone 175HR14 RADIAL RD-150 spare tire.  Prefer DOT code of (check DOT code on tire) "221", "231", "241" or "251", but let me know what yours is
  • original carpet padding "jute" (brown horse hair like stuff). This "jute" was originally installed under the front floor carpet mats, under the seats, under the center tunnel diamond textured vinyl trim, and under the carpet in the rear hatch deck/floor. This stuff is fragile, and it would be nice, if you have any that is in good condition, to take some care with removal (it was glued to the tunnel) and care with packaging for shipment.  Removal with diamond patterned vinyl trim/cover still attached (glued) to the top side of the jute would be preferred.  
  • 4 original hubcaps for a 6/1971 240z
  • battery cover (plastic) related parts for 1971 240z 
  • yellow wheel chocks with correct date stamps - 1E or 1F
  • original scissor jack.  There are letters stamped into the base of the jack.  I need one that has letters starting with Q (1971), and then be followed by F (June) as the second letter, then followed by any letter S through Z as the third letter ---- or, if there are four letters... then AA through CC as the third and fourth letters.  As best I can tell, I need a jack with any of the following letter sequences: QFS, QFT, QFU, QFV, QFW, QFX, QFY, QFZ, QFAA, QFBB, QFCC.
Marietta, GA 30062

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